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It’s now almost impossible to keep track of the issues that conservatives and people of faith are facing in the United States and throughout the world. The days when you could trust the news on your TV are long gone; in these days, most issues are so complicated that you have to become your own expert in order to come to an accurate conclusion. And there are so many of these critical issues that even working at it 24 hours a day you could never tackle them all.

Giving up is not a solution, not when the future of your family and your country are at stake.

The Citizen Sentinels Network’s Citizen Voice provides an alternative to the MSM, but also an alternative to the many marketing sites masquerading as real news sites. Additionally, the Citizen Voice media messaging is our solution for busy people who want trusted commentary on the plethora of issues facing our nation. Best of all, we do not “clutter out” the news with annoying ads about weight loss miracles or weird celebrity photos that certainly bother or distract readers. In one way, the CSN – Citizen Voice online news and views is like an internet “Reader’s Digest version” of news stories and honest views – the news and views to easily access in one place and easy to digest.

The Citizen Sentinels Network arose out of the Ben Carson campaign for President and has been active ever since. We have a host of knowledgeable writers who research and track important issues and then share their conclusions. We then bring readers that information freely without ads or annoying marketing intrusions.

We believe that an informed public is the best defense from apathy and passivity, or worse indoctrination into the propaganda narratives prevalent throughout our society.  

Find out more About Us  here as well as discovering our Mission, Values, and Vision statements.

We believe that an informed public is the best defense from apathy and passivity, or worse indoctrination into the propaganda narratives prevalent throughout our society.  

Of course, you’re welcome to get involved, even in minor ways.

  • Share an article you find interesting with your trusted friends.
  • Send us article links or video links to post! Make it your news outlet!
  • Tell us about things happening where you may have special information.
  • Or volunteer with us as a writer, researcher, editor or social media broadcaster.
  • Tell us about good people running for political offices who could use our support.   
  • Just say “Hi!” every once in a while. Let us know which articles you like best and which topics you’d like covered more often.

To make it even easier, readers currently don’t have to pay anything to get our newsletter every week. We have migrated our efforts over to Substack, and we have a free subscription period for readers who sign up in July. Go to our Sign Up page to get your free subscription!

Remember, all of this is designed to wake up all of “We the People” who are not yet awakened. CSN is truly an effort of “We the People” regaining our lost sovereignty over our divided nation. Ownership does not just imply belief or faith in our cause; but, it involves substantial ownership as well, if we are to regain our lost sovereignty in America. Please do your part to awaken those who are still asleep. Forward our Citizen Voice editions today. Last point: We are truly grateful for all of our compatriots who have given donations to the CSN; if you are a Citizen Sentinel help us!

Take up your watch! Become a Citizen Sentinel! Stand in Service for Freedom!

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